We are passionate about delivering

Game Changing Software

At NV Play we love our technology - and our sport. Particularly cricket. And we get to combine our passions every day to create software that truly changes the game.

NV Play Cricket is the culmination of over fifteen years’ proven experience delivering industry defining technology solutions to the top level of the game.

Now we are able to bring this experience to everyone.

In bringing this technology to the recreational market, we intend to fundamentally change the technical landscape of cricket itself, whilst embracing the spirit of the game that we love.

As a first step in our vision for the future of cricket, we are now able to bring this robust, high performance cricket platform to the professional & top-end recreational community through a design led, scorer approved, modern, flexible user interface.

In doing so, we can drive value top-down from first class to other levels of the game through a holistic, unified, platform-based approach.

And we are only just getting started.

Our mission

NV Play Cricket is a global cloud-connected professional cricket scoring & analytics solution. But it is so much more than just that. It is already in use by thousands of clubs & teams to score tens of thousands of matches.

Originally developed in partnership with New Zealand Cricket and the England and Wales Cricket Board, we have been helping drive the growth of the game at the highest levels for over a decade.

From this experience, we deeply understand not only the specific needs of the professional cricket user, but also the untapped potential offered by the immense amounts of data that the game of cricket is built around.

And through harnessing this potential, and bringing it to all levels of the game, we can lift the game of cricket as a whole.

It is this vision that has formed the core of the NV Play Cricket platform, a comprehensive professional cricket technology platform designed for the needs of the elite & high-end recreational user.

A rich pedigree

NV’s pedigree in cricket technology solutions started in 2004 when we developed live scoring software for CricInfo (now owned by ESPN) to replace their aging internal system. Today ESPN still use our core system to deliver real-time ball-by-ball scoring for almost every international & first class match played globally.

From here, we formed a long standing partnership with New Zealand Cricket, that saw us collaboratively delivering a broad range of live scoring, high performance and other operational systems. These systems are both mission critical & battle hardened, and remain in heavy used to this day.

This unique experience enabled us to partner with the England & Wales Cricket Board to deliver an elite high performance video analysis system used by the England team and all 18 counties.

It is these systems, combined with our deep understanding of the professional cricketer’s needs, that form the heart of the NV Play Cricket platform.

And we are now able to bring this technology to the recreational cricket market.

“NV Play have significantly improved our core business of cricket through their innovative and comprehensive coaching analysis and live streaming platform.”

“We can now simply provide our coaches and players the performance data required to analyse, develop, and execute their game, whilst seamlessly allowing our marketing and operations department access to exciting video and stats to promote the game to our members and the world.”

Rob Lynch | Chief Operating Officer, Middlesex County Cricket Club