are made,
not born.

This is twenty-first century cricket.

NV Play Cricket is the culmination of over fifteen years’ experience delivering industry defining technology solutions to the elite level of the game.

We are now bringing these world class capabilities to the recreational game.

We partner closely with national cricket bodies, counties, states, clubs and teams to provide an unprecedented level of technology to all tiers of the game.

We do this by providing wrap around platforms and services across all the key pillars of the recreational and professional game, including:

  • Professional & recreational scoring
  • High performance & analysis
  • Video capture & live streaming
  • Predictive analysis & insights
  • Performance & player contribution analysis
  • Scoreboard & replay screen integration
  • Advanced reporting & data analytics
  • Fan engagement & participation
  • At-ground activations & experiences
NV Play Cricket World Leading Cricket Technology Platform

Professional-grade features

NV Play Cricket is a global cloud-connected cricket scoring, analytics and high performance solution, designed to grow the professional & recreational game. It is built from the ground up to embrace Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, including automation, predictive analysis and rich insights for coaching and player development.

Professional scoring

At the centre of the NV Play platform is the professional scoring desktop application. This is the heart of everything and covers every aspect of the intricate process of scoring a cricket match. It caters for all match types, with appropriate data display for each format, configurable options for numerous scoring options.

  • One-click scoring & intelligent assists.
  • Connected collaborative scoring with read only mode
  • Auto-end ball and auto-end over.
  • Multiple in-app data display windows including scorecard, scorebook, partnership graphs, session reports, linear sheet and more.
  • Cloud-connected or standalone.
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Video capture & live streaming

We have embraced video capture, streaming and publishing from the very start, and see it as a key foundation of both the high performance & fan engagement aspects of the game. Now, we bring this rich capability to the hands of both the official scorer & the dedicated media or at-ground experience director.

  • Capture key performance data against ball by ball video.
  • Broadcast grade live streaming with score & stats overlays.
  • Native video replay screen support.
  • Automated video highlights & autopublishing of all 4s, 6s and wickets.
  • Deep integration of live streaming & video highlights into match centre.
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High Performance & analysis

Now we can bring the coaching & high performance tools originally developed for the England & New Zealand national teams to everyone. With ball-by-ball video & rich data analysis capabilities, performance data can be filtered in realtime during & post match to deliver player insight & match strategy.

  • Leverage the official match scorer through connected collaborative scoring mode.
  • Create custom metrics and events to personalise performance programs.
  • Create & share programmes for players & coaching teams.
  • Compare data within match & across multiple matches.
  • Import data from trusted third-party sources.
  • Gain a competitive edge before and during the match.
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Online match centre

Drive real time fan engagement through live ball by ball updates & realtime match stats, easily embeddable in your own website. Allow your fans to follow the game live if they are not able to attend, and maintain a permanent online archive of previous matches including full match & player statistics.

  • Embedded live streaming & video highlights with a single line of code.
  • Easily themeable to match your website design.
  • Automatically scale to include new features as your platform usage grows.
  • Flexible modular widgets allowing custom integrations.
  • Leverage truly global infrastructure at the recreational & club level.
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Trusted by the world's
leading cricket organisations

“NV Play have delivered a game changing platform that is helping shape the future of how we deliver cricket at Lord’s Cricket Ground.”

“The integration with our scoreboards & replay screens has been seamless, and the collaborative scoring feature is deeply impressive, allowing our scoring team to work in partnership. Importantly, the multiple recovery options provide our operations team the piece of mind we need on match day.”

“The level of partnership & support shown by the NV team has been exceptional, and gives us great comfort in deepening our relationship with NV Play as we prepare the Home of Cricket for the future.”

Will Solomon | Chief Information Officer, Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC)

NV Play Cricket is for

The NV Play platform is designed from the ground up to be both powerful and flexible. With its roots in the national & first class game, it can scale to the highest level whilst driving both growth and performance at the grassroots.

National Governing Bodies
Associations, Counties or States
Leagues & Competitions
Scorers & Analysts
Recreational Players & Clubs
Coaching Teams
At-Ground Production Teams
Media & Broadcast Providers
and more...
22 million balls captured with full metadata
6 years of ball by ball video captured, when watched end to end
45,000 matches scored
175,000 players tracked
3 million match centre scorecard views every week