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At its heart NV Play Cricket is a robust professional scoring & analysis platform, honed over a decade of working with international and first class teams. We have now brought this elite experience to the recreational game.

Designed in close consultation with scorers, analysts, and coaches, NV Play is the world’s most comprehensive, integrated, flexible scoring and analysis solution, and is suitable for recreational & first class through to international cricket.

Get a taste of how NV Play can change your game! Simply fill in the form to access a free 28 day trial *.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are based in the UK you should be using Play-Cricket Scorer Pro, the England and Wales Cricket Board’s (ECB) licenced version of the NV Play platform, which is made available at no cost to all counties, clubs and schools in England and Wales.


* The free trial does not include any of NV Play's premium video features such as Live Streaming or Video Analysis. Please contact our sales team directly on enquiries@nvplay.com if you are interested in discussing these advanced capabilities and how they could improve your game.

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