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Industry defining cricket technology

At its heart NV Play Cricket is a robust professional scoring & analysis platform, honed over a decade of working with international and first class teams. We have now brought this elite experience to the recreational game.

Designed in close consultation with scorers, analysts, and coaches, NV Play is the world’s most comprehensive, integrated, flexible scoring and analysis solution, and is suitable for recreational & first class through to international cricket.

But it is so much more than just scoring.

NV Play Cricket

Cricket just got smarter

NV Play Cricket is built from the ground up to embrace Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence including automation, predictive analysis and rich insights for coaching and player development.

Even better, NV Play Cricket is under year-round development, supporting both the northern and southern hemisphere seasons, so the platform gets better every year!

It is designed as a single integrated platform that can be scaled & configured to suit the specific needs and resources of individual boards, clubs, teams & users.

Play the game your way.

Professional Scoring

At the centre of the NV Play platform is the Professional Scoring solution. This is the heart of everything.

Benefitting from more than a decade of experience in providing live scoring solutions for elite level cricket, this core scoring product has everything – and more – that a professional scorer could want.

From covering every aspect of the intricate process of scoring a cricket match to an interactive, customisable, and well-designed user interface, the NV Play platform makes scoring at all levels an absolute pleasure.

  • Caters for all match types with appropriate data display for each match format
  • Configurable options for multiple scoring styles, including one-click scoring, auto-end ball & auto-end over
  • Multiple in-app data display options to design your perfect scoring screens, including scorecard, scorebook, partnership graphs, session reports & linear sheet
  • Intelligent Auto Correct features that makes correcting scoring errors easy, no matter where in the innings
  • Full DLS 4 support, including ball by ball par score calculations & output
  • Comprehensive scoring & statistics options that deliver ball-by-ball insight
  • And so much more...

Advanced Modules

From this foundation of robust scoring technology, honed over a decade of working with international and first class teams, are built out a series of interconnected specialist modules that allow you to mix & match features and functionality to build the perfect technology solution. NV Play Cricket is designed as a single integrated platform that can be scaled & configured to suit the specific needs & resources of individual boards, clubs, teams & users. Simply licence the modules you need to grow your game.

Professional Live Streaming

Now everyone can deliver broadcast quality streaming NV Play's revolutionary Live Streaming package.  Can be run unattended by the match scorer, or a dedicated broadcaster can really bring the match to life through customised overlay graphics, commercial sponsorships, replays, milestone animations and more.

  • Professional-grade score overlays, full scorecards, milestone celebrations & match statistics
  • One click streaming to YouTube, LiveStream, Facebook
  • Support for dedicated fixed camera & consumer IP cameras
  • Match scorer can operate hands off streaming with no additional overhead
  • Commercial logo space with customisable colours for overlays and URL placement
  • Dedicated broadcaster can direct the stream with overlays, commercials, videos, and images, to bring your teams cricket match to life in a broadcast quality production

High Performance Video Analysis

We have been delivering High Performance Video Analysis solutions for international & first class cricket for over a decade, with ball-by-ball video & rich data analysis capabilities, performance data can be filtered in realtime during & post match to deliver player insight & match strategy. Now this robust, world class platform is available to all levels of the game, enabling coaches & teams to drive new levels of performance on the field.

  • Automated capture of ball-by-ball video with rich metadata
  • Leverage the official match scorer through connected collaborative scoring mode
  • Create custom KPIs to personalise performance programs
  • Share improvement programmes for players & coaching teams
  • Compare data within match & across multiple matches
  • Import data from trusted third-party sources (incl. Opta, Hawkeye & Virtual Eye)
  • The perfect platform to analyse player, team, and opposition performance to help gain a competitive edge on-the-field

Video Package Manager

This innovative tool allows users to quickly and easily create bespoke packages or video playlists to use on social media, inject into live streams, output to at-ground replay screen, or even to chrome cast to the club house TV screen.

The VPM allow users to pull video to a playlist from a current game, or across a number of matches on the server. This has many exciting practical uses from marketing packages to coaching playlists.

Key features of the Video Package Manager include:

  • Quickly and easily create video packages from the current match, or across multiple matches via the Stats Wizard, utilising high definition or encoded clips.
  • Drop in images and videos from third party files to allow for pre-rolls, sponsor advertising etc, and manoeuvre the order of the clips to suit.
  • Extract the package to an MP4 file for posting on social media or external sites with options for 480p, 720p, or 1080p output.
  • Push the package into your live stream or out onto the replay screen with the click of a button, allow sponsor advertisements, club promotions, or highlights packages from current matches or across seasons.
  • Score overlay automatically embedded on the clips.
  • Sound or audio feeds is integrated into the clips, and you can even run your own soundtrack or voiceover across the package!

Online Match Centre

Drive real time fan engagement through live ball-by-ball updates & realtime match stats, easily embeddable in your own website. Allow your fans to follow the game live if they are not able to attend, and maintain a permanent online archive of previous matches including full match & player statistics. As additional platform features are enabled, the new capabilities are automatically included in your Match Centre.

  • Deliver live streaming, full scorecards, video highlights & match analysis to your website with a single line of code
  • Mobile optimised & themeable to match your website design
  • Automatically scale to include new features & capabilities as your platform usage grows
  • Flexible modular library of widgets for custom integrations
  • Leverage our massive-scale global cloud infrastructure to grow the recreational game
  • Already supports over 2 million users ever week!

Automated Video Highlights

Video Highlights are automatically published to your Online Match Centre through our intelligent one-click scoring method. All deliveries can be viewed in real time and will be integrated into other users copies of the live match via collaborative scoring, whilst your Match Centre will populate with 4s, 6s, wickets, and other key moments, so your fans will never miss an exciting delivery again!

  • Video highlight clips are automatically captured, processed & uploaded as you score the match
  • All 4s, 6s, wickets and other key moments from the game are published to your Match Centre in real time
  • Flexible layout of the video highlights widget allow high degree of customisation to suit your website design
  • Include audio commentary over the video highlight if audio input is available
  • Automatically share video highlights with your fans via integrated Twitter & Facebook social sharing

Venue Scoreboard Integration

NV Play Cricket offers comprehensive support for both direct or wireless connections to a broad range of LED & traditional scoreboards. For traditional scoreboards, simply setup the output and score the match – the scoreboard will update automatically. For LED video screens, we offer simple one-touch scorer control of multiple standard information slides & automatic milestone events, and the ability to deliver customised messages to the screen.

  • Automatic updates to scoreboards with flexible approach to integration to allow for specified data fields to display on scoreboards.
  • Simple integration through XML converter to a range of LED screens and fixed digit scoreboards & form factors
  • Included information slides include main scoreboard, batting & bowling cards, fall of wickets, current partnerships
  • Automatic milestone cards include maidens & wicket maidens, possible hattricks & hattricks, player and team 50s, 100s, bowlers’ 5-wicket bags
  • Hardware partners include Daktronics, FSL Scoreboards and Monstavision

Video Screen Productions

Offered as an extension of the LED scoreboard functionality, a TV or other video feed can be leveraged to deliver an integrated video replay screen to drive an enhanced at-ground experience.  It can even support roving at-ground cameras during breaks in play!  Able to be operated by the match scorer or a dedicated connected operator, we can deliver full video screen production capabilities at the international level, through to the TV in the local clubrooms.

  • Platform used for 10 years at all BLACKCAPS matches, and now at The Ageas Bowl, Lords among many other grounds
  • Publish your own your own re-recorded videos, images, or commercial/sponsor messages at the click of a button
  • Lock & leave feature to automatically roll through scoring slides between overs or at specified periods of the match
  • Includes a unique ‘L-Overlay’ slide creating a ‘video inset’ to display live video, replays, or sponsor or advertising graphics alongside current score
  • Google Chromecast support for local clubroom & member lounge integrations

WASP Predictive Analysis & Reports

As seen on Sky Sports coverage, the proprietary Win and Score Predictor (WASP) system is woven throughout the NV Play platform, providing advanced prediction & contribution analysis on both individual & team performance. Drive greater fan engagement through ball by ball match outcome predictive analysis, whilst delivering performance insights through player impact analysis. Finally answer, in real-time, the age old question of “who’s winning?”.

  • As seen on Sky Sport coverage in both UK and New Zealand
  • Deeply integrated predictive analytics and unique Player Impact reporting
  • Available for all short form matches, WASP predicts the first innings score of the team batting first
  • WASP then calculates in real time the probability of winning during the chase
  • Set the WASP Par Score & track the teams progress against it through your Match Centre and Live Stream graphics
  • New predictive insights coming in 2019/20

Collaborative Scoring & Reader

NV Play Cricket is built on a world-first Collaborative Scoring foundation.  This unique, robust and easy to use feature enables all match day operators to work together to score & broadcast your match to the world.  NV Play’s cloud-based solution enables multiple users to manage the single source of truth for the match, supported by thorough automated checks. You can even chat to each other to help correct mistakes and banter about the match!

  • Live scorers, analysts, video screen operators & match broadcasters can all collaboratively score a single match
  • Ball by ball merge of data for all connected users, with automated end of over score checks
  • Reader Mode perfect for at-ground support staff, media & broadcast commentary teams, or for coaches to access realtime match analysis
  • Cloud-based collaboration with local network direct connection fallback
  • Instant messaging to help keep data accurate & communicate during the match. Never worry who the incoming batsman is anymore, simply message your colleague!

Operational Match Reporting

NV Play Cricket revolutionises the operational delivery of cricket with comprehensive Match Reporting for umpires, referees, venue managers, ground staff and players, via both a website portal and mobile apps.  This unique platform allows match officials to log incidents against deliveries with automated video capture, coding & customisable note-taking.  Automated reporting allows for rich data analysis on trends in the game, match officials’ overall performance and venue assessments.

  • Real-time match logging with video integration for match officials to keep track of key moments during the game
  • End of match forms for match officials, players, groundsman & coaches to report on the day’s play
  • Flexible templates and data entry fields support customisation at the governing body, club or team level
  • Both web & mobile app available for ease of data capture
  • Automated tools allows realtime analysis of data & trends
  • Flexible filtering supports large or small volumes of data

Multiple Camera Support

As an extension of core video functionality, NV Play Cricket offers support for multiple camera inputs capturing a single video stream for your live stream and video clips. This option will greatly enhance both the Live Streaming & Video Analysis features, accommodating for cameras at both-ends, side-on, or wherever these can readily be positioned.  Never miss the action by manually controlling the camera position, or use the camera positions to zone in on sponsor advertisements boards.

  • Stream video of players from multiple angles for even deeper performance analysis and review
  • Easy to control camera selection to make sure you always have eyes on the action!
  • Ensure continuous video footage of the match from all angles
  • Limitless possibilities for enhanced sponsor activations or commercialisation opportunities

Pitchside Analytics

The Pitchside Analytics app is an addendum to the NV Play Video Analysis module, whereby a member of the coaching staff can act as a ‘second coder’ for capturing specific fielding information on a ball-by-ball basis, that then merges with & extends the data coded by the primary analyst. This secondary fielding data can include the fields set for each delivery, which fielder is in what position, etc. An ideal tool for the bowling coach who wants the highest possible level of detail for reviewing the performance of their bowlers.

Pitchside analytics

“It’s official…. I love NV Play Cricket!! Such an intuitive system that it’s a pleasure to use. It’s the first time I’ve had enough confidence in a system to not do a linear sheet alongside.”

“Frankly, it’s been a god-send & the NV team have been nothing short of superb, with excellent support & tips.”

“In terms of performance on a matchday & the statistics available post-match, it is light years ahead of the game.”

“All in all, a pretty faultless system. Love it!”

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