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NV Play Cricket has been designed from the ground up in close consultation with scorers, analysts and coaches, and is the world’s most flexible, comprehensive & fully featured cricket scoring, analysis & broadcast solution. With its roots in the international and first class game, it can scale to the highest level whilst driving growth and performance at the recreational grassroots.

National Governing Bodies

We offer full turnkey white labelled rollouts as nationally sanctioned cricket technology platforms for the professional and recreational game.

In the UK, we are proud to deliver the ECB’s high performance platforms for the national & first class game, and the sanctioned professional scoring platform, Play-Cricket Scorer Pro, to thousands of teams across England and Wales. In New Zealand we help drive performance and engagement across the national and first class game.

With this level of partnership, national bodies are able to request product customisations and influence the product development roadmap to promote features and enhancements they would like to see introduced. We are also able to support deep integration into existing player databases & athlete management systems.

We strive to truly partner with each board to drive improvement across every level of the game.

First-Class, Counties & States

With the ability to help drive both performance and commercial objectives, NV Play Cricket is the perfect technology partner to deliver results both on and off the field.

Building upon the core cricket scoring and analytics modules, NV Play Cricket offers multiple opportunities to further leverage these assets for deeper fan engagement both at-ground & online through the online match centre, replay screen technology and our proprietary Winning And Score Predictor (WASP) technology.

New monetisation opportunities are also possible able to be achieved through live streaming or broadcast sponsorships, opening new avenues to grow the game.

On the field, high performance & coaching teams gain access to rich analytics and insights supporting both player performance & talent identification initiatives.

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Recreational Players, Clubs & Teams

It doesn’t matter if you are playing for your country, your club or your school team, we believe that everyone that is passionate about their cricket deserves access to the best tools to improve their game. This is the very core of our vision at NV Play.

NV Play Cricket is designed to meet the needs at every level of the game, from the grassroots weekend warrior or local school team, through to internationals, private leagues and even the Cricket World Cup. And with its flexible, modular architecture NV Play can grow with your game.

Recreational cricketers celebrating success

Media & Broadcast Providers

In the past, often media & broadcast providers covering live cricket matches have had to employ their own dedicated scorer in order to accurately follow the match & provide detailed commentary.

Now, through NV Play Cricket’s cloud-connected Collaborative Scorer technology, approved media & broadcast agencies can connect directly to the official scorer’s record of the game, gaining read only access to the live ball by ball stats, meaning they can concentrate completely on bringing the game to life for their audience.

Even better, through the deep integration of NV Play Cricket’s proprietary Win and Score Predictor (WASP) technology, commentators can now answer the age old question of ‘who’s winning’.

Through advanced predictive analytics, WASP predicts the final score of the team batting first, updated every ball throughout the first innings. In the second innings, WASP provide the probability of winning for the team chasing – again updated every ball – providing a degree of insight not previously available before.

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And much more...

Leagues and Competitions

We are able to offer a completely integrated, end to end, out of the box technology solution for private cricket leagues and competitions.

With support for all aspects of the game from live scoring, at-ground scoreboards & replay screens and automated points tables, through to comprehensive live streaming & analysis with full broadcast partner support, online match centres and full social integration, only NV Play Cricket offers an end to end solution for large & small scale cricket leagues.

Official & Recreational Scorers

Scoring is at the heart of NV Play Cricket, and we are extremely proud to have a long standing relationship with the international cricket scoring community. This deeply respectful relationship has significantly influenced the evolution & development of the NV Play Cricket platform and has been a major factor in our success to date.

And with the ability to deliver realtime performance statistics, video replays and player contribution reports to their teams, the role of the scorer has never been more powerful.

Coaching Teams

With over 10 years experience working closely with the high performance & video analysis teams at both New Zealand Cricket and England & Wales Cricket Board, we understand the analytics, reports, datasets and video that coaches need to capture in order to support quality decision making, from training sessions right through to pre & post match day.

Once the data and video is captured using NV Play Cricket, we apply intelligence wherever possible - such as through our WASP modelling - to identify key trends and provide performance insights. From here, tailored training pathways can be prepared & shared with individual players.

NV Play Cricket is designed to support coaching staff with everything they need for talent identification, scouting, player performance improvement and matchday strategy & preparation – it is literally game changing software.

At-Ground Production Teams

Beyond pure scoring, NV Play Cricket enables at ground production teams & experience designers to drive new levels of fan engagement. NV Play Cricket provides native direct connections to multiple electronic scoreboard types from many major manufacturers. It also delivers full support for the latest LED video panels, once out of reach of all but the largest clubs.

Now NV Play Cricket can provide full video replay support, and live scorecards & match statistics, while sponsored event graphics such as 4s, 6s and wickets can help generate additional revenues. For smaller clubs & venues, native Chromecast integration allows live scorecards & match statistics to be displayed in clubrooms & member lounges leveraging the same technology that drives the big stadium experience.

“The introduction of the NV Play Cricket platform has been tremendously successful, and has exciting implications for the ‘democratisation’ of elite analysis capabilities through the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, bringing them to the recreational cricketer.”

“Taking advantage of the exciting possibilities presented by cloud technology helps the England and Wales Cricket Board to enable more people to play and enjoy the game of cricket.”

Damian Smith | Head of IT, England and Wales Cricket Board